Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feeling Comfortable with your Bookkeeper

Seniors sometimes have concerns about welcoming a “stranger” into their home, particularly someone new who will be helping them with their most personal issues – bills, phone calls, doctor’s appointments, banking, and other finances.

It’s important I share my 2 year membership in the American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM) and its Code of Ethics.


Asking the right questions will help you feel more confident about hiring a DMM.
With which local organizations are you affiliated?
If your DMM is active in community organizations such as the chamber of commerce, a church or religious organization, community action groups, or a local provider’s council, connections in these groups will help your DMM better serve you since they will be able to refer you to other professionals and resources in the community.

Can you provide a reference list?

A reference list should include two or more clients or their family members and at least one professional; it may include a personal reference.

Take the time to call the references on the list, asking them whether the DMM is: respectful, dependable, efficient, empathetic, and professional in manner. How were any conflicts resolved? Have you ever felt uneasy about the work done by the DMM and do you feel comfortable asking for explanations of things you don’t understand?

Here are a few highlights from The Code Of Ethics I follow:
  • DMMs shall have concern for the well being of their clients.
  • DMMs shall provide services in an equitable manner for all clients.
  • DMMs shall not exploit their clients financially, socially, emotionally, sexually, physically or in any other manner.
See complete list of the Code Of Ethics.


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