Monday, May 17, 2010

My chosen profession

I’d like to tell you what drew me to this choice of profession. I believe that the more you know about me, the easier it may be for you to pick up the phone and call me someday.  From the time I was young, my mother sent me out into the neighborhood to help seniors living nearby by putting the trash out, mailing letters or any other small chores that weren’t as easy for an older person to accomplish. I found that these visits that began as a chore to please my mother, turned into a few moments of getting to know neighbors who had been around for many years before I was even born, who had gone through school and then lived many decades after that raising their families, sharing their home with other family members, running out back into the woods to use the outhouse in the winter cold… They shared stories of living through certain social events that I had only heard of during Civics classes at school - The Great depression; World Wars I & II; the Potato Famine in Ireland…I learned about families that sat in front of the radio together every night and heard the first announcements about World War II; the advent of television: the beginning of Rock ’n Roll…When I enter the home of a senior client, this is the experience that I enjoy again and again.

What is a typical visit like for me as a daily money manager?

I visit my clients at a time that is most convenient for them, therefore my visits range from mid morning to early evening. Depending on the client, the mail may have already been opened and reviewed before my visit. When I sit with the client, I review each piece with them separating the junk mail from the important bills. Together, we determine what plan of action will be required for each. Examples of the most common items that I help my clients with are: utility bills; putting the doctor’s appointments on the calendar; reading over medical insurance forms; personal letters and the like. For my clients that require a little extra help, I will even write out the checks for them to sign.  Once the outgoing mail is in order, I file the bill stubs into the client’s filing system. Creating neat, easy-to-use filing systems are another service that I provide for those who want it. I set up small carrying case files, either in black plastic or fabric covered. My clients like having these file boxes close by, where documents can be found easily when needed, whether it’s a medical form or a paid bill that’s being questioned.

Who are my typical clients?

My typical client lives in the Greater Seacoast Area of NH or in Southern York County Maine. Their living situations vary; some may have lost a spouse that was the primary bookkeeper in the family… A few may live in Independent Living Facilities where many of the day-to-day challenges are handled for them, however they still enjoy keeping up to date with their finances.