Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Sandwich Excerpt from Making Points News

April 1, 2010-Dover, NH-Boomers have a new moniker to wear “the sandwich generation”, people caring for aging parents while simultaneous raising children. According to AARP 22 million Americans are caring for aging parents. Our society has become more mobile than ever so that often translates into trying to care for a parent across long distances.

Helping a parent manage money and monthly bills is a difficult transition in the parent/child relationship. Making this transition across long distances due to work or military service obligations can be frustrating and difficult for you and your parent.

Dianne McMillen understands how sensitive this time is for everyone and how difficult it can be. Simple tasks like getting the cable bill paid on time, making sure prescription medication billing forms have accurate and up to date information and having correspondence organized can all be overwhelming. Ms. McMillen bridges that gap. She makes prearranged home visits to her clients and helps keep them on top of their financial obligations and responsibilities with financial acumen, complete confidentiality and good humor.

Penny found herself struggling to help her elderly father continue to live independently from her own home so far away from him. She brought in Ms. McMillen to help bridge the gap. “My father looks forward to her visit each week. Dianne keeps Dad’s financial matters organized, among other things. This takes a huge load off my mind, knowing that things are being taken care of in a secure manner. She also notices little things on her visits and she will actually go out and pick up small items my father might need. She also keeps me informed, by letting me know things Dad has said to her that he might not mention to me when I talk to him on the phone. For instance, he told Dianne he would love a roast beef dinner, I am bringing one this weekend! She is wonderful!”

Ms. McMillen’s personalized bookkeeping services are helping Seacoast Seniors maintain their independent living status. The moment you realize the people who helped guide you into adulthood now need your help is a sobering one. Everyday Money Matters treats your loved one with care and professionalism.

Everyday Money Matters’ Dianne McMillen can be contacted at (603) 801-5210 and you can find more information about her on both the American Association of Daily Money Managers web site or by signing up for her monthly newsletter in the sidebar

Friday, April 2, 2010

What does a Daily Money manager do?

I work with clients to help them catch up on current money matters. I offer personalized, confidential, on-site money management; helping to organize and maintain your personal and financial records, files and correspondence. Can I make you a personal filing system that will help you find your financial documents in an instant?
Keep track of and pay your bills on time. I can create an easy bill pay schedule to help you avoid those late fees due to losing bills in the piles of mail piled on the counter… I also will write the checks for you, you sign each one and I get them mailed out on time!

Reconcile your bank statement. Have you been reconciling your bank statement monthly? Does an unreconciled bank statement make paying bills the following month rather confusing?

Does a Daily Money manager only handle money related matters?

No. a daily money manager’s services extend beyond the paying of bills or making bank deposits for you.

For some of my clients, organizing and creating a simple file box to hold important financial documents is what they need for peace of mind. I create a place where they can easily retrieve medical records, receipts, wills and tax related documents (especially as tax season approaches!).

I can help you schedule appointments, fill out complicated medical forms, talk with your physician office about your prescriptions.

When organizing of files is desired I can make clients feel more put together. I create order out of piles of weekly mail that mess up our homes, making us feel confused and disorganized.