Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Do you know someone overwhelmed with paperwork?

Why did I choose a career that involves the organizing of paperwork – both financial and personal? I get this question regularly from my clients and friends as well as other entrepreneurs that I network with. I must be CRAZY, they laugh!  To my questioning clients/friends and others, I shrug my shoulders, smile and answer “I don’t exactly KNOW why. I just enjoy it!”

I have to give my mother the credit. (Hi Mom!).  Growing up, it was part of our, (my siblings and I) personal responsibility to find ways to neaten up our rooms, table tops, kitchen counters, etc. each week as part of our Saturday chores.

If our efforts were haphazard, we were shown how to perform these duties to our Mom’s expectations. Maybe at the time I was grumpy about these corrections, but today, as an adult, I find myself feeling a sense of accomplishment when I can find “a place for everything and everything in its place!” (Does anyone else remember this saying?)

Anyway, here’s a link to an article that shows us how to handle that overwhelming (daily) pile of paperwork – (mail and whatever!) that we find covering our counters and tables! Maybe you see these piles and head to the TV to watch America’s Funniest Videos instead of tackling the piles!

Oh, and by the way – if the article itself overwhelms you - give me a call!

Remember? I enjoy these tasks!

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